Crispy Bliss: A Tour of Toronto's Top Korean Fried Chicken Spots

When it comes to indulging in the crispy, flavorful delight that is Korean fried chicken, Toronto boasts an array of fantastic eateries that never fail to tantalize taste buds. As a fervent lover of this delectable dish, I've embarked on a savory journey through the city, and today, I'm excited to share my top picks for the ultimate Korean fried chicken experience.

  1. The Fry: Nestled in the vibrant streets of Toronto (multiple locations), The Fry stands out as a beacon of fried chicken perfection. What sets them apart is their innovative "half and half" option, allowing patrons to savor two distinct flavors in one order. It's a tantalizing dilemma choosing between their delectable offerings, but my heart invariably gravitates towards their Green Onion Chicken. This dish is a symphony of savory and aromatic flavors, with crispy chicken pieces generously coated in a fragrant green onion sauce that leaves a lasting impression with every bite. Paired with a side of pickled radish and a cold drink, it's a culinary experience that never disappoints.

  2. Mymy Chicken: Prepare to be enchanted by the irresistible offerings at Mymy Chicken, another gem in Toronto's Korean fried chicken scene. Their commitment to quality and creativity shines through in every dish, but two favorites never fail to steal the show: the Snow Check and Curry Chicken. The Snow Check is a delightful fusion of sweet and savory, featuring tender chicken pieces coated in a luscious creamy sauce, reminiscent of a snowy paradise for your taste buds. Meanwhile, the Curry Chicken delivers a bold flavor punch, with fragrant curry spices infusing every crispy bite, transporting you to the bustling streets of Seoul with each mouthful.

  3. BBQ Chicken: As a newcomer to Toronto's vibrant food scene, BBQ Chicken has quickly made a name for itself with its impeccable original recipe. This new chain brings a fresh perspective to the city's Korean fried chicken offerings, and you simply can't go wrong with their Original flavor. Crispy on the outside, juicy on the inside, and bursting with flavor, it's a timeless classic that satisfies every craving. Whether you're dining in or opting for takeout, BBQ Chicken promises a deliciously memorable experience that will keep you coming back for more.
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